Payment and Ordering

Speeding up the process. By ordering online you will you will get prices faster and you will be able to go through order confirmation and payment process much faster. This could save days of your time.
Traceability: You will have easy access to all of your previous orders any time you want.
Reordering:  you can make a re-order anytime based on your previous orders by only couple of clicks. This will save time and effort as you don’t need to go through all the documents and emails from the past.

You can order easily using our online platform. When you find a product you need, you can add it to cart, login and go through the ordering process. After the order is ready, you will receive order summary to your email. Order summary will also be stored to your account.

You can pay for your items online using Visa or Mastercard or pay by cash or cheque on receiving your item/s.

If you are a customer with an established customer relationship with Kalico Trading, you will be able to charge your items to your account once your account is up to date with its payment.

When your order is confirmed you will receive an email with the items listed.

If you want to cancel or change your order, please do so as soon as possible. If we have already processed your order, you need to contact us and return the product.

If you’d like to return an item please make arrangements to have the item returned as soon as possible.

If your items are not eligible for delivery or you would prefer self pick-up you can collect your items at our distribution in Frequente, St George.

To purchase online there will be a minimum amount of ECD $250.00 required to checkout your items. A maximum amount will only be applied to those with an outstanding balance on their account

All vatable items are inclusive of 15% VAT.

The items not in stock will be indicated as well as items that are low in stock.

You can reach our customer service department at 1 (473) 439-9239 or email us at sales@kalico.gd


To be eligible for delivery you must have a minimum of five (5) cases of an item/s or have purchased that can’t be easily transported such as a fridge or a stove.

If your items are being bought wholesale, you may be eligible for delivery based on location and quantity of products purchased. If you are buying a large item such as a refrigerator or a stove you are automatically eligible for free delivery island wide.

Delivery is free to all customers who are eligible for delivery.

We deliver island wide on larger items that aren’t easily transported, once the location is accessible by our trucks.

When your order is confirmed you will receive your items on the next delivery day (Tuesdays).

Yes, we do ship to Carriacou, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Your Account

To create an account email us at sales@kalico.gd. We will then add your information to our system. Please include you’re a copy of a utility bill in your name and two pieces of ID (preferably your NIS card and driver’s license) full name, business name, contact number, email and location.

Contact our customer service department by email or call for faster response

Our web store is secured. This means the information you input is encrypted and it will not be available for third parties.

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